Douglas O. Biederstedt

The township supervisor serves as chief executive officer of the township. The supervisor's duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
• Chair monthly township board meetings
• Set the agenda for the meetings
• Attend workshops to learn township operation and procedure
• Attend workshops to learn guidelines set by State for the General Assistance Program
• Serve on the committee for LaSalle County Public Aid
• Set the annual levy for the town budget for the following year
• Prepare the annual town budget including all wages
• Serve as the Township Treasurer for the General Assistance, Road Dept., and Town Fund
• Maintain Workers Comp Insurance and other insurances required by law
• Review General Assistance Applications for criteria set by state statutes
• Conduct General Assistance interviews with qualifying applicants
• Work with other governmental agencies for additional services for individuals
• Assist individuals with senior applications for property assessment freeze
• Prepare information for annual Township CPA review and audit
• The Supervisor is available in the Township office on a daily basis for all business visits, phone calls, questions or concerns and to direct phone calls to the appropriate Governmental Departments.

Unlike a mayor or village board president, the supervisor may vote and is encouraged to do so on all matters before the township board. Generally speaking, other chief executive government officers may vote only to break a tie. In this regard, the supervisor serves as a trustee and may make or second motions, participate in all legislative discussion and should exercise voting power on all issues before the board.

Information above provided by the "What's My Job" booklet;